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The .ant.properties file contains the all the properties you need to adjust the general ANT Script to your local configuration. It is a copy of the default.ant.properties template. Most things are path names that differ from user to user.

  • Typically this file is not shared to the CVS.
  • The template for this file is default.ant.properties. It should exist in every project and should be shared to CVS.
  • The general ANT Script is named build-base.xml and is located in your Base Project.

    • Be aware to use the normal '/' instead of the '\' when you change any path details in ANT.
    • In a new project just checked out from CVS you might not have a .ant.properties file. Go to the main folder of this project and copy the default.ant.properties. Paste this file into the main directory of the project and rename it to .ant.properties (with a . in front of it) and adjust the content according to your environment.
    • From Plex 6.0 on you should have set a property "de.bodow.plex.version=600"
# ----- Bean & Handler generation -----#
# List of Plex functionnames (without _ObFnc) or packages separated by a space
# It will be used by the generate task to generate beans and handlers
de.bodow.plex.analyzelist=de.allabout.tutorial.xml de.allabout.plex.xml.functionExample

# XSL-File for generating handlers

# NEW: select Plex Version ( currently we know 550,550SP1 and 600)

# ----- Tomcat -----#
# Path to the Tomcat directory containing directories like "bin", "client", "server"
# Path for your local Tomact

# Path for the deployment of your local web application

# Path for the server Tomcat

# Service name of yout local Tomcat-Service (for the automatic restart after deployment in Windows)

# Name of the Web-Application on your local Tomcat

# Name of the Web-Application on your server 

# ----- Workspace -----#
# Set the home directory of the Base-Project (project the has the build-base.xml)

# ----- Plex -----#
# Set the home directory of the application (directory containing the Plex model)
# it is assumed that all generated files are in a "gen" subdirectory

# Packages that will be copied by the <plexCopy>-Task (separate differnt packages by ',' or by <space>)
# Packages that won't be copied by the <plexCopy>-Task 

# ----- CVS -----#
# Settings if you like to generate an CVS-Changelog 
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