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Apache Ant Project

General Description

Apache Ant (Another Neat Tool) is a software tool for automating software build processes. It is similar to make but is written in the Java language, requires the Java platform, and is best suited to building Java projects.

The most immediately noticeable difference between Ant and make is that Ant uses XML to describe the build process and its dependencies, whereas make has its Makefile format. By default the XML file is named build.xml.

Ant is an Apache project. It is open source software, and is released under the Apache Software License. Description continues at WikiPedia...

Using Ant @ Plex-XML

Within the Plex-XML framework ANT is mainly used to generate beans and handlers, to compile all sources and to deploy the resulting software solution.

  • Properties you need to adjust in the general ANT-Script to your local configuration (see also for infos about
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