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We are providing a big part of our Plex-XML framework to the community for free. While using this along with your existing CA Plex license you will be able to build Plex web applications without additional costs or run time license fees.

You will get…
  • All necessary Plex models you need to build a web application with Plex and Plex-XML
  • Our securtiy model for inheritance with user, group, role, function and multi tenant management
  • All JAR files, XSLTs and most of the JavaScripts that you need to build an application
You won’t get…
  • Add-ons to the framework that are protected by third party licenses. You will need to download, license and link them into Plex-XML by yourself
  • Source code of some of the JAR files. You do not need this to build an run your Plex web application.
  • You can get support by using this Plex-XML wiki
  • You can use our tutorial that will be a part of the bundle
  • Check the page changelog for fixes
  • On demand you will be able to sign different kinds of support agreements with us to get more support options, always the most current version of Plex-XML, urgent bug fixes, training or manpower
How to start?
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