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You will find most of the major changes in Plex-XML and information about user events on this page.

...scheduled for 2013

...scheduled for 2012

Done.png  Upgrade from Ext 3.3 to Ext 4.0
Done.png  New release of our tutorial working with Plex 7.0

...scheduled for 2011

Done.png   Plex-XML internal runtime update from DOM to streaming to gain more performance for batch jobs and large im-/exports
Done.png   Editable-Grid
Done.png   Grid with Pivot-Table
Done.png   WebServices integration via Apache Axis
Done.png   Huge improvements in file import (CSV, XML, via FTP, via Mail, variable Import-Formats per Table...)
Done.png   PanelAndChild layout
Done.png   Charts

...scheduled for 2010

Done.png   Individual end user grid setup
Done.png   Editable grid

  • Plex-XML smartphone adapter
    • Android Done.png
    • iPhone
    • Blackberry

Done.png   Enhancements to the OpenOffice and MS Office integration
Done.png   Enhancement to the Enterprise 2.0 model (rating of objects in the range from MenuShortcutStar.png to MenuShortcutStar.png MenuShortcutStar.png MenuShortcutStar.pngMenuShortcutStar.pngMenuShortcutStar.png)
Done.png   Anonymous user support -> no login required for functions that have been released for public use
Done.png   A public-accessible sample application that was built with Plex and Plex-XML, can be accessed here:

  • 2009/10/03
Plex-XML November 2009 Release
  • The latest updated record can now be highlighted in each grid panel. This provides a good visual orientation to the user, which record was last updated. The technical information is stored in the browser-cache of each individual user and will be deleted when the user has closed the browser. But it will survive switching form one grid to another. So if you come back to a grid the last selected record will be marked again.
  • Foreign language translations by database have been completed. Among other you can now translate mouse over hints and button-text elements by database lookups that will be cached by the Plex-XML runtime.
  • To reduce network requests Plex-XML uses now sprites for the most common images.
  • To reduce network requests the number of CSS-Files has been reduced.
  • The Format Drag&Drop window for detail screens has been redesigned.


  • 2009/10/03
Plex-XML October 2009 Release
  • We have completely reworked the login procedure. Now it is now much more flexible than before.
    • From now on we can handle anonymous users
    • External links can be used to call single application panel with preselected data. As an example we can now send out an e-mail with a link to one ticket in our helpdesk application. Any user can call this ticket using that link.
    • Beside the user id you can now use the e-mail address from your user profile to log in to an application that was developed with Plex-XML.
  • As an option the initial application translation can now be done automatically by using Google translate service.
  • Messages have been moved from the bottom to the top of each screen to improve the user experience. In some cases, users were confused when the window was not at full size and the message was shown in the hidden part of the window.


  • 2009/09/01

Need a fresh end user design for some of your pages? Try the all new shape 'HTMLCustomized to create your own smart design like this one below


  • 2009/07/28

The first version of our Plex-XML Community Edition has been released and sent out to the community. We hope you will have fun and give us some interesting feedback that will help us to improve Plex-XML.

  • 2009/04/01

Hurra! Now we can delight our user with an integrated RichTextEditor


  • 2008/11/03
If you would like to display hierarchical data in a tree structure you should take a look at the first version of the new treeview component.

  • 2008/07/11
Plex-XML has been set up to work with Plex 6.0 Build 47.006

  • 2008/05/22
The running demo of the tutorial has been updated to the current version of Plex-XML see:

  • 2008/04/08
Secured fields is our new and very flexible web application security feature. Secured fields are web form fields that are protected against Web Parameter Tampering using a hash code.

  • 2008/02/26
Single record panel design: Fields that should be placed in the same row like another field but not in a separate column can now have a label. If you like to use this feature you need to set "Sequence in column" to a value >1 and "Column label" to yes.
The field "Column label" below is an example.

  • 2008/02/20
Grid design: Did you ever thought it might be nice to have a grid design which shows two data field within one grid column and placed one below the other? Instead of setting each field side by side and getting a very wide design maybe with a horizontal scroll bar? The brand new field setting 'Sequence in Column' will deliver this feature.

  • 2008/02/11
    • Our new tag cloud is a new option to collect and to access your favorite data very easy.
    • Now you have three cool options for an easy access to your functions and data.
Tag cloud.png

  • 2007/11/30
    • The new menu shortcuts will make it more easy to access your favorite functions

  • 2007/10/08
    • To minimize annoying configuration you can now specify a pattern to find a Handler class responsible for handling a request. See Controller Configuration
Example: <request-pattern>de.bodow.handler.{0}Handler</request-pattern>

  • 2007/09/20

Presentation of the Plex-XML framework at the "3rd Annual Worldwide Plex/2E User Conference" in Cincinnati, USA

More information about this event is available at:

3rd_Annual_Plex/2E_User_Worldwide_User_Event (@PlexWiki)
The current list of sessions (@Teamsheet)
Our presentations are now available on:

0709Cin01.jpg 0709Cin02.jpg 0709Cin03.jpg

  • 2007/09/12
    • Suggest-Box or AutoComplete: The first version of the AJAX-Suggest box is ready to use. It works like a combo box but pulls the data via AJAX from the database while you are typing. It is a great solution for referenced entities that contain too many records (~>75) for a normal combo box.

  • 2007/08/22
    • PlexXML_ALL/XML Dictionary_FindBrowse: The format of date fields in SQL search values has been changed to {d '2007-08-22'}. This format could be used in DB2, MySQL and MSSQL-Server. Regeneration of FB is necessary.

  • 2007/08/06
    • Security: Within the insert function the standard attributes for Shop and Sector will no longer be overwritten with the DefaultParameter. Now they were overwritten only if they are blank. This is necessary if you would like to deliver the Shop value from outside the function.

  • 2007/05/10
    • Presentation of the Plex-XML framework at the "2E & Plex Developer Konferenz " in Darmstadt, Germany
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