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After you have successfully installed Eclipse you need to extract some tutorial project data into your Eclipse.


Open CVS Repository Perspective

Open the 'CVS Repository Perspective' as shown below.


If you can not see the 'CVS Repository Exploring' entry in this menu use the 'Other...' option to open a select window and open the 'CVS Repository Exploring' from there.

EclipseOpenPerspective.png -----> OpenPerspectiveWindow.png

Add CVS Repository

Please use the yellow 'Add CVS Repository' button on the right side of your 'CVS Repository' tab to add a new repository access into Eclipse.


(There is no public access to the tutorial project yet!

Ask us or see CVS for details. )


CVS Check Out

After adding a new CVS repository you can now check out the data from cvs


Final Check

If you want to verify that you have received any content just go ahead and open one file


Next Step in the Tutorial

Go to: Restore the tutorial DB

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