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Plex-XML is a cutting edge web framework for CA Plex.

While using CA Plex and Plex-XML you can develop highly flexible web clients
that work together with easy to build most reliable server functions.
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Features · Technology · Compatibility
Client User Guide · Screen shots
Current events · What's next?

Getting started

Plex-XML Community Edition
Preparing your environment
   Java · Plex · Eclipse · ANT · CVS · Tomcat
   Plex-XML · CVS · Debug · Application· Help Wiki

Programming issues

Compatibility · Pattern · XSLT · Templates
Controller Config · Request Config
Assistant functions · 2E Collaboration · Plex 7.0
Tips and Traps · Reporting · Security

Runtime issues

Web.xml · Context.xml
Tomcat · MySQL · OpenOffice

In order to explain everything and make the most of Plex-XML 260 articles have been created since June 2007.
Feel free to join the community to learn all about Plex-XML or to enhance this documentation with facts or questions.

Plex-XML and this site is a service of all about software GmbH.


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