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Before you start

This tutorial assumes that you have installed Plex 5.5, Eclipse >=3.1, Java 5.0 and Apache Tomcat 5.5 on your workstation.
If you are in doubt about any of this tools you should check the next section:

Prepare your environment

See Preparing your environment for details.
The tutorial uses a MS SQL-Server 2005 as default database. You should have access to a SQL-Server where you are able to restore the tutorial DB or you could install 'MS SQL-Server 2005 Express' on your workstation.

Extract the tutorial from CVS

Before you can start playing with Plex and Eclipse you have to extract the Plex-XML tutorial project from the all about CVS server.

Restore the tutorial DB

Open your Tutorial project in Eclipse and restore the prepared database from Database/MS_SQL_2005/Tutorial.bak to you MS SQL-Server.

Tutorial Plex

In this part you are going to extent the basic Plex tutorial model by the Plex_XML pattern. Start here.

Tutorial Eclipse

In this part you are going to prepare the Eclipse project for the first usage and build, deploy and test your first Plex-XML application. Start here.


Your first Plex-XML application is ready to use.
All existing informations like labels, field types, field length etc. are extracted via meta code from the Plex model. The security part with login and session handling is inherited by the Plex-XML pattern and the web design is the default from the XSLT's.

How to use the tutorial application

Out of the box your application should look somewhat similar to this screen shot.
But what features are coming out of the box with the tutorial application? Come on, give them a try.
If you don't have your own application ready you can use this one:


Next steps

Investigate XML and log files

While your tutorial runs in debug mode it will provide some XML and log files. These files can be very helpful if you are in doubt about the XML that is generated or in doubt about the performance of your application.

Enhance the Employee-FindBrowse by a new Format

coming sooner or later...

Build a AJAX-Combo-Box for Projects

coming sooner or later...

Build a AJAX-Suggest-Box for Employees

coming sooner or later...

Create a Master-Detail

coming sooner or later...

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