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In this place you will find a collection of technologies that were used to realize Plex-XML.

This collection has been created to help and enable you to

  • understand what Plex-XML is all about ;-)
  • learn that Plex-XML is not an obscure or exotic thing but full of cutting edge standard technology that is broadly used in other projects and frameworks
  • get to know the relevant keywords and links to be able to search for additional explanations and help outside this wiki

Basic architecture

Plex-XML is following the concept of the model-view-controller pattern (MVC). This is based on the idea of splitting an application into separate layers.


Plex-XML ist completely separating the business logic from the visual presentation. A configurable controller servlet links the other two layers together. Other frameworks that are following this pattern concept are such as Cocoon, Grails, Struts and Ruby on Rails.


A basic Plex-XML application consists of three parts:

  1. Business logic (Model): Your normal daily business with Plex or 2E functions that represent your business logic and the database.
  2. Presentation logic (View): Mostly consists of Plex functions that inherit from the Plex-XML pattern. These functions generate XML as output. It includes all the things you like to present to your user plus some information like e.g. field types, field length and labels.
  3. Controller: This part is implemented using a Java-Servlet and it handles the transformation from XML to HTML. In this part we usually use Eclipse as editor and you need to do adjust some configuration files to map Plex functions with web requests/responses and to define your application work flow.

All parts could be implemented on one machine or you could split them on different machines just like you know it from other Plex applications.

Below you can see one possible example of the data flow from the model to the view PleXML-Easy.png

See our tutorial for a short overview of the development steps in Plex and in Eclipse. It has never been so easy to get a well designed and ready to use web application out of Plex ;-)

Client technology

Server technology

Development tools

See Preparing your environment for additional infos.

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