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Group model synchronization of new function

Always synchronize your newly developed functions with your Plex group model before first use. This makes sure they are getting a final surrogate number. We need the Plex surrogate number as an unique identifier within the formats of Plex-XML.

Parameters within messages

Never use fields of Plex array variables as parameters in messages. It may cause a crash of Plex, when generating code. Instead move them to a local single variable and map those fields.

Plex inheritance

  • If an object is not real, then the inheritance engine skips it
  • All objects in a standard layer should be real
  • Altering the sequence of an "is a" triples lets you re sequence the inheritance path.


Do not use international characters within JavaScript. This is true for comments within JavaScript also.


Hint: You should always set the encoding attribute to UTF-8 if you are going to process international characters Tomcat_Configuration#Using_UTF-8_within_URLs

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