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If you don't have your own application ready you can use this one: tutorial.plex-xml.com. You can use the name 'demo' and the pwd 'test' for your access. Please do not change this pwd as this might constrain other users access. If you have any problems accessing this application or any other questions or ideas about this matter please drop us a line to info@allabout.de


Ground floor exercises

Call a grid from the tree
Search records in the grid
Change one record
Add one record
Delete one record
Show grid data as PDF file

Second level exercises

Change the order or the visibility of the columns in a grid
Change the order of the records in a grid
Change the search behavior for one field
Advanced search features
Change your personal settings
Language and locale
Rows per page
Font size
Initial start application
Personal data
Menu shortcuts

Expert exercises

Rename a label
Translate a label
Rearrange the fields in a "change record" screen
Add a format
Add a filter

Administrator exercises

You will need a user with sufficient access rights if you would like to do these exercises on http://tutorial.plex-xml.com. Please drop us a line to info@allabout.de in order to get a login with more user rights.

Add a menu tree branch
Add a user
Add a user group
Maintain security at function level
Add a role
Advanced user settings
LDAP password validation
Restrict or disable a user login
Add a language
Add a locale
Explore the hierarchy of security levels (Software, System, Client, Shop, Sector)
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