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The web.xml file contains general information about an application for the Java Application Server
Here we describe only the elements used by Plex-XML applications



Context Listener

to share handlers when using more than one servlet some initialization is done in the servlet context. (REQUIRED)



This parameter describes the location of the Controller Configuration. (REQUIRED)


Compilation of XSLT

This parameter will force the compilations of the XSLT before they will be processed. This will increase the performance of repeated processings. (OPTIONAL)

  • Since JDK 1.5 it is not necessary to set this parameter because the JDK includes an XSLTC processor

while using Saxon it has to look like


BeanPool Configuration

these parameters were designed to configure a BeanPool to reduce the number of objects created

  • Number of beans of one class that can be open at the same time
  • If zero no pool is created and each bean will be cleaned up after use
  • Att: Changes expected due to something like usePool=true/false
  • Att: SHOULD BE 0 since in transactional environments there could be problems

... a few more optional parameters to configure the pool


Type of temporary sources/results to be used within XSLT transformations. (OPTIONAL)

  • legal values are "dom","stream","writer", where "dom" is the default and the only type we know it works ;)


Host/Portnumber of a running OpenOfficeServer Instance to use



some Servlet Filters we use

Charset Filter

this filter ensures that Tomcat can handle UTF-encoded data properly. (OPTIONAL)

   <filter-name>Charset Filter</filter-name>

Compression Filter

the PJL Compressing Filter can be used to decrease the traffic over the line and improve performance. (OPTIONAL)


Comment Filter

can be used to generate a comment as first part of Text responses. (OPTIONAL)

<!-- This comment will put IE 6 in quirks mode -->
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/DTD/strict.dtd">

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quirks_mode for quirks mode.

   <filter-name>Comment Filter</filter-name>
       <param-value>This comment will put IE 6 in quirks mode</param-value>

DataSource Check Filter

a Filter to check the DataSource(s) of the app, if they are avaiable. if not an error page is displayed instead of executing the request.


the @jdbc-jndi-ref@ is a deployment-parameter and depends on the App Server, For standalone Toncat it should be "java:comp/env/" , for Glassfish or other J2EE Servers it should be empty.


Servlet Classes

there are two Servlet Classes provided by PleXML.

  • de.bodow.web.ControlServlet  : the normally used Controller servlet which can handle <webrequest>'s configured in a Request Configuration
  • de.bodow.web.SchedulerServlet : this servlet can be used to schedule <jobrequest>'s configured in a Request Configuration, it is not necessary to declare if you do not use <jobrequest>'s

Request Configuration

this parameter describes the location of the Request Configuration. (REQUIRED)

  • used in both Servlet Classes


idle time in minutes for the CacheCleaner run if >= 0 no Cleaner Thread will be started. (OPTIONAL)

  • defaults to 10 minutes

Delete DOM nodes

You can switch off the explicit deletion of DOM nodes in order to save processing time

  • for some DOM implementations it may be necessary to set to true to avoid memory leaks
  • defaults to true

File Upload

some parameters configure the FileUpload feature of the ControlServlet. All of these are optional since defaults are provided.

Temporary Directory

used to store large uploaded files

  • defaults to the value of the System-Property java.io.tmpdir

Max File Size

the maximum size an uploaded file can have ( in Bytes )

  • defaults to 100 MB

Max Memory File Size

the maximum size of an uploaded file cached in memory

  • defauts to 1 MB

Security Hash Fix Part

the fix part of Hashcode generation

   <param-value>a fix part for Hash generation</param-value>
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