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The development of our Plex-XML framework continues to move forward. See below the next steps in a loose order. Beside the ongoing enhancement of this Wiki we have

...scheduled for 2011

Done.png   Plex-XML internal runtime update from DOM to streaming to gain more performance for batch jobs and large im-/exports
Done.png   Editable-Grid
Done.png   Grid with Pivot-Table
Done.png   WebServices integration via Apache Axis
Done.png   Huge improvements in file import (CSV, XML, via FTP, via Mail, variable Import-Formats per Table...)
Done.png   PanelAndChild layout
Done.png   Charts

...scheduled for 2010

Done.png   Individual end user grid setup
Done.png   Editable grid

  • Plex-XML smartphone adapter
    • Android Done.png
    • iPhone
    • Blackberry

Done.png   Enhancements to the OpenOffice and MS Office integration
Done.png   Enhancement to the Enterprise 2.0 model (rating of objects in the range from MenuShortcutStar.png to MenuShortcutStar.png MenuShortcutStar.png MenuShortcutStar.pngMenuShortcutStar.pngMenuShortcutStar.png)
Done.png   Anonymous user support -> no login required for functions that have been released for public use
Done.png   A public-accessible sample application that was built with Plex and Plex-XML, can be accessed here: www.coupons.de

...scheduled for 2009

Done.png   Licensing model including a free community edition and a commercial edition
Done.png   Upgrade to Plex 6.1
Done.png   Enhancements to the OpenOffice and MS Office integration
Done.png   Upgrade to Ext JS 3.0 soon after it is no longer beta
Done.png   Enhancement of the Enterprise 2.0 model (enterprise tags, spreadsheet)

...scheduled for 2008

Done.png   Plex-XML Plex-XML Formats r2
Done.png   Integration of a third party framework with desktop like UI-components continues
Done.png   Smooth redesign of the first XSLT filter for a better multi-request handling
Done.png   Refinement in the UI-handling of some security and administration functions like menu, roles(...), groups

...scheduled for 2007

Done.png  Upgrade to Plex 6.0

--> Upgrade is tested can be made every time. All technical drawbacks should be solved. But until none of our customers has switched to 6.0 we will stay with the Plex-XML group models on 5.5.

Done.png  Upgrade to Prototype 1.6

--> Done. All base XSLT's and JScript-Functions we developed are upgraded to Prototype 1.6 and Script.Aculo.Us 1.8

Done.png  Menu shortcuts
Done.png  First step of the integration of a open source JavaScript framework with more really great desktop

Whats exts.png

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